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Sazer X the Movie (trailer)(12:16)
Sazer-X the Movie (trailer)
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Sazer X the movie o
Sazer-X the Movie
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Sazer-X the Movie was made in 2006. It is one of the oustanding movies for the children. Sazer-X the Movie: Fight Warrior of the Stars (also called Sazer X Movie) is the first movie where all the heroes of the ChouSeiShin Series (ChouSeiShin GranSazer, GenSeiShin JustiRisers and ChouSeiKantai Sazer-X) fights together.


Sazer-X the Movie summary
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In this movie, the main alien invaders from space is Bosquito (Bosukito), they are the greatest destroyer of the space. The worst thing is, it can absorb anyone's power to grow. At first from Tendou Mio (one of the allies of JustiRisers), JustiPower was all soaked up by Bosquito. Then it diguised as JustiRisers (Riser-Glenn, Riser-Kageri and Riser Gant, even the robots of JustiRisers).

Riki (a boy who was sent by space pirates, there planet was destroyed by Bosquito) broke the G2 but then Sojirou Ando (who was the grandpa of Takuto) repairs it. But before the final check, Riki stole G2. That's why Sazer-X was not able to transform (Equip).

After then space pirates had come to take the Cosmo-Capsules, unfortunately before that they captured Takuto. But Riki then realized that the space pirates deceived him. But space pirates wanted to seize G2 from Riki and get the Cosmo-Capsules. But, all of a sudden, Twin-Sazer came and rescued Riki.

On the other hand, Takuto saved all the people of other planet who were destroyed by Bosquito including Riki's mother and father.

Then the JustiRisers went to Tendou Mio and get back the JustiPower. They all said 'Give us JustiPower one more time', suddenly from the sky, JustiPower came and the fake JustiRisers was once more transformed in the original shape. Real JustiRisers, then, fought with Bosquito. The Crystal Slab reacted upon Riki (who has Love, Courage and Justice that was the thing, which needs the Crystal Slab to work) and all the GranSazers appeared in a jiffy. The Bosquito was attacking so seriously, they numbered immensively. Fortunately Sazer-X came and combine their power and made all the Bosquito destroy.

Then the Phantom Ship crashed on earth and became Mammoth Bosquito. And all of them dived in to their robots, they couldn't defeat it because it became too huge than the robots. Great Lio cut down one of the two heads. And then they all combined their powers into one and killed the Mammoth Bosquito.

Then Riki got his mother and father and once more the earth became a pleasant place to live.

To get the full movie Click here (if you click, you'll be in Megaupload, there you'll see 'Regular Download' [there you'll also see 'Premium Download' but in this, you'll have to give money so 'Regular Download' is better]. Click 'Regular Download' and in a moment your download will begin), but if it doesn't run in your computer, convert it with a 'video converter', if you don't have any 'video converter' then download a 'video converter' by searching it on google and convert the video in your format. Good Luck! Sorry, but, now there will be a problem loging on Megaupload. So now its impossible to download this movie. I'll try to give other way to download this movie.

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